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Cooking for Kids

Training for healthy, tasty school lunches

What is Cooking for Kids?

We offer low- to no-cost culinary training for child nutrition professionals. We help schools prepare and serve healthy lunches on a budget – lunches that look and taste good to kids, get student buy-in, decrease plate waste and help your school meet federal guidelines.

Meet The Chefs


This has been a very valuable experience. The resources and direction we received are priceless. We have completely enjoyed being a part of this program.

2017-2018 Chef Consult Participant

We were able to emphasize vegetables in a whole new, appealing, appetizing way. The chef had a lot of new ideas to help us with the flow, service and overall atmosphere.

2017-2018 Chef Consult Participant

They teach without embarrassing anyone. If you don’t know that skill, you can learn it. If you do know it, than you can build upon it.

Lisa Griffin, Director of Child Nutrition, Union Public Schools

It’s a lesson in ‘you can do it,’ ‘we can help you' and ‘we’ll show you how,’ and it’s hands-on. That’s what I liked.

Dorothy Glazier, Kitchen Director, Lomega Elementary School